07 03 2018

Samtredia municipality will provide transportation service for a sewing social enterprise

Samtredia municipality made a decision to provide transportation service for the women with special needs employed in the sewing social enterprise "Gvirila", supported under the project "Increasing quality and work opportunities for women with disabilities in Georgia".

The proper functioning of the social enterprises existing in the regions largely depends on transportation, which is a difficult issue in rural areas of the country, while the people with special needs aren't able to provide their own transportation.

Transportation was also crucial for the women with special needs whoare employed in the sewing enterprise in Samtredia municipality: bringing different materials and products, also daily movement of women from their home to the enterprise and back, is impossible without proper transportation service. Until today, this service was offered by the project.

After the completion of the project, Samtredia municipality started to take charge of the transportation of women. This service will facilitate the further development of social enterprises, as the women will have an opportunity to continue their work and gain their own income.

CARE Caucasus is grateful for Samtredia municipality for taking care of people with special needs, as it became one of the best examples of cooperation between the project and municipality.


The project "Increasing quality and work opportunities for women with disabilities in Georgia" was being implemented in Samtredia, Senaki and Abasha municipalities, by CARE Caucasus, with CARE Czech Republic, with financial support from Czech Development Agency.